– what is seo? – 

SEO stands for program optimization. It’s a group of tweaks and optimizations to your site with the goal of driving organic (free) traffic by ranking high in Google search results.

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Ranking high in search engines helps your site get discovered by users when they’re checking out keywords associated with your industry (niche), brand or products/services.

– Why is organic traffic so important?  – 

SEO services- organic search

According to a study by Bright Edge, organic traffic is liable for quite 51% of all visitors coming to websites, trumping all other sources like paid (14%) and social (5%) traffic.

– How Google rankings changed?   – 

seo services- Old vs New SERP

The new search results page is designed to respond to the user’s search query much faster, with more useful information and sources.

– How to get started with SEO today ?  – 

Investing in SEO will get you long-term, reliable traffic, leading to more sales and loyal customers. And that makes it such a great investment.

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