Advanced SEO Course In Kerala

We are one of the best Advanced SEO Course Provider In Kerala. We will be training students , freelancers, People who are looking for job change, Work from home seekers etc. For studying SEO no technical background needed. Any one with non technical background can learn SEO. We will be providing hands on experience to students/ Trainees thereby providing practical sessions in every aspect of the project. 

What is SEO ?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to appear on the first page of SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ). 

Advanced SEO Course


  • SEO is  a good career option.
  • Through SEO High quality leads can be generated.
  • SEO is a completely organic result ( un-paid ).
  • SEO Results stay ahead of competition.
  • SEO Results can be measured accurately.
  • SEO Results improves user experience.
  • SEO Results Improve brand awareness


  1. Website generation – For Doing SEO either a website or webpage is needed.  So we will be making students generate websites as their own. No coding skills required for website generation. 
  2. Website Management – We will be making students familiarize the backend of websites such as editing, Content writing , adding plugins, page creation, blog creation etc.
  3. Content Writing – Content is the king of SEO. The main skill of a SEO analyst is content writing. He / She must have the capability to represent his/her company’s information through content. We will be training students to write content on different topics thereby developing their content writing skills. SEO students will be getting a chance to write blogs also. 
  4. On page SEO – Students will be getting practical training for doing on page SEO on their websites. They will be well trained in activities such as Keyword researching, Competitor analysis, on page SEO plugin activation and all.
  5. Off page SEO – Students will be trained in Off page SEO activities such as backlink generation, directory submission, Social bookmarking, Guest blogging etc.
  6. Technical SEO – Students will be getting training regarding how to meet the technical SEO requirements.
  7. Site Auditing – Students can audit their own websites and can find the positive and negative feedback of their websites. They are trained in such a way that they can resolve the errors occurred during site audit.
  8. Google Analytics – Students will be getting advanced training about google analytics . They are trained to get the Google Analytics Certification also.
  9. Google My business – Students will be getting training in Google My business account creation and to get certificates.

At the end of this course students will be an Industry expert of handling various SEO Projects..